Soothing Sunday

Done in the ancient style of Vini Yoga, this class contains practice of the breath, meditation, flowing movement and relaxation techniques. Suitable for all yogis, beginner and experienced who wish to welcome the upcoming week with a renewed soul.

Sunday 4:00 PM

Wakeup Flow

Let's wake up and get the blood and muscles moving! Jane is going to start the day with an energized flow designed to start your day! 


This class is suitable for all levels, but not recommended for those with mobility problems.

Tuesday 8:15 AM - closed for summer!

Gentle Yoga

Relax, rejuvenate and energize!  The gentle yoga class will provide beginner and established yogis a chance to enjoy a wide range of yoga techniques in a slow, safe and thoughtful environment.  The whole point of this class is to leave you in a physical and mental state ready to handle anything life brings!

Monday  11:00 AM

Yoga with Weights

Here we use small hand weights and incorporate weighted reps with yoga postures. We get a full body workout, ending with ab work, stretching, and savasana (rest)!!   Everyone is welcome in this class.  Please inform your instructor of any previous joint or muscle injuries.

Tuesday  6:30 PM

Beginner Flow

This fun class is a beginner class, offering alignment and props. But we will transition smoothly from posture to posture creating the flow!  Anyone who wants to move will love this class!

Thursday  5:30 PM


This class is designed for the new yogi. You will learn the basic foundational yoga postures and proper alignment that enables you to achieve the posture and to move on to new postures! 

Saturday  10:00 AM


For the yogi who wants to move and build strength. We will explore postures and sequences that build strength and stamina. We will start with a warmup, then move through standing postures and lots of balance! The class ends with stretch & a peaceful rest. It is recommended for those with some yoga experience.

Saturday  8:30 AM


Yin yoga is practiced nearly entirely on the floor.  We begin with cold muscles, finding a nice stretching posture that is held for 2-3 minutes, allowing the breath to warm the muscles and deepen the stretch as the body allows. We use props – bolsters, straps and blankets to be comfortable in the stretch for a few minutes.

Monday  4:30 PM

Wednesday 5:15 PM

Back to Yoga

Designed to reduce the ill effects our everyday lives bring on, Back 2 Yoga will include abdominal, oblique and back strengthening movements. If you want to improve posture and core strength, this class is for you!  All levels welcome!

Wednesday 6:30 PM

Deep Stretch

All levels are welcome to this class.  We will find yin and yang postures and hold them to allow the breath to bring warmth and length. Props & modifications will be used. This is an awesome release for athletes and the rest of us stressed out folks! Please inform your instructor of any previous joint or muscle injuries.

Tuesday  4:30 PM

Wednesday 12:00 PM

Yoga Flow

Vinyasa is a method of yoga in which we flow from one posture to another posture coordinated with our breath.  We will move through warm up, spinal alignment, into standing and balance postures and back down to the floor for final relaxation. Props and modifications will be offered. This class is not recommended for those with mobility problems. 

Monday  6:30 PM

Yoga Mix

Life is like a box of chocolates! This class offers a mix of all our classes. It will certainly change from week to week - maybe some yin, maybe some flow, maybe some weights, but certainly fun! Any yogi will love this class!

Friday 4:30 PM



Virtually all yoga poses can be done in or with the aid of a chair. Chair optional is a gentle class offering the option of using a chair with all or some of the poses. If you've had a recent injury or just don't find the floor that much fun anymore, this is the class for you!

CHAIR Optional

Thursday 3:00 PM

Athletic Teams



Newberry Yoga offers private sessions for athletic teams.  Yoga helps with flexibility, balance, agility, and focus - among other things.  Classes are designed for the specific needs of the team.  For example when working with golfers, we focus on deep twists that help to improve their golf swing.  Contact us to find out how yoga can help improve your players' overall performance.   

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