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Meet the Owners -
Susan Wessinger and Jane Wyatt 


This is our story:


Yoga is truly the cornerstone and the reason for our friendship. What could be better than a friendship based on yoga? Our answer to that...nothing! 


We met in our 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2008. We had to sit in a circle and introduce ourselves. There were a lot of trainings in various locations ahead of us, so when I said that I was from Prosperity, Susan, a lifelong Newberrian, knew there was a friendship to be made. She introduced herself to me at break and the friendship began. 


We completed our 200 hours together, carpooling to each location, spending several days together in totally honest, very safe environments that instilled in us the values that yoga is based on the goodness that is inherent to all of us and life should be lived free of judgement. It is amazing what rises from within after 2 or 3 days free of “the American life”. 


There are eight limbs (arms leading to the body) of yoga. The very first is the Yamas, a code of 5 ethics for dealing with one another. They are non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, fidelity and non-greed. And these should be the foundation for a really good friendship. This is what we were making promises to with each training – not promises to one another, but to ourselves. These are the ethics that we should embrace with each relationship.


Newberry Yoga South Carolina (1 of 9).png
On the last day of our 200 hour training, we made a pact that we would own a studio together.  And then life happened and our plans were delayed. 


So, in April of 2018, we were nearing the end of our 500-hour training when the conversation came around to a studio. We agreed the time was pretty good for both of us.  And so it began….we believe that God has put every stepping stone ahead with every step we have taken. And we believe that He will continue to pave the way.


Susan has said that she cannot get away from yoga – that everywhere she turns there is another connection to yoga. Susan realizes the offerings, the gifts of the practice.  I think that is true for all of us if we are aware of the gifts that are given to us daily and our hearts are ready to receive them. 


Yoga is so much more than the physical practice. It is finding that harmony of breath and movement. It is allowing the mind to be completely in sync with the body. It is finding the union, the yoke (the definition of yoga) of the body, mind and breath.


We hope that you will practice with us. We hope that you will carve out time in your day to spend just honoring the body and breath and allowing the mind to relax. And if not with us, someplace. We hope to meet you on the mat.



Susan and Jane


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